Current ProjectUniform Traffic Citation Standardization

Lead Agency: Department of Transportation

Project Director/Primary Contact
Name: Dave Martinez
Title: Management Analyst
Agency: Department of Transportation
Office: Traffic Safety Division
Address: 1120 Cerrillos Road, SB‐1 South
Phone: 505-629-3499
Email: dave.martinez AT state.nm DOT us

Partner Agencies

Project Description
The project will provide funds to replace over 17,000 Uniform Traffic Citation (UTC) books currently in circulation and being used by 88 law enforcement agencies (LEAs) statewide. Current UTC versions date back to as far as 1992, and create problems for automatic processing and delays to posting the citations to the driving record. Funding will specifically be used for document production and delivery to LEAs. The State Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) will be the lead agency for this project and will work with the Department of Public Safety to ensure full compliance with use of the new UTCs.

The project will provide for the pro-active replacement of 17,462 Uniform Traffic Citation books that are currently in circulation by eighty eight law enforcement agencies. Revision versions still in use may go as far back as 1992 hindering automatic processing and delaying posting the citation to the driving record. Law enforcement will be sent the latest rev version of the UTC Funding will go strictly towards the document production and delivery. Motor Vehicle Division will work with current resources to disseminate communication working closely through Department of Public Safety to ensure law enforcement understands the reasons behind the replacement and the importance of full compliance. Motor Vehicle Division will also coordinate with the vendor and law enforcement to ensure citation numbers issued are not duplicated.