Current ProjectCitation and Adjudication Data Transfer

Lead Agency: Department of Transportation

Project Director/Primary Contact
Name: Kariann Blea
Title: Management Analyst
Agency: Department of Transportation
Office: Traffic Safety Division
Address: 1120 Cerrillos Road, SB‐1
Phone: 505-660-1906
Email: kariann.blea1 AT state.nm DOT us

Partner Agencies

Project Description
The Traffic Records project goal for this citation and adjudication system is to accomplish the electronic collection and transfer of all the information relevant to traffic records-related citations. The project will link data between the Albuquerque Police Department and the Bernalillo Metro Court’s Odyssey data systems. The information will be analyzed by authorized users to improve and promote traffic safety. Ideally, information from these systems also supports traffic safety analysis that identifies trends in citation issuance, prosecution, and case disposition.

Continue the citation data exchange pilot project between Albuquerque Police Department records management system and the Bernalillo Metro Court Odyssey (court records management system). Architecture from this project will be used in the development of a data exchange project between other records managements systems and the Court’s Odyssey system.

Development of data exchange between LEAs and Metro/Magistrate courts is dependent on LEA TraCS rollout.